Stuart Cormie wrote:
> T39m / Ericsson Communication Software / Win98SE / BTD-2403 USB dongle /
> XTNDConnect Blue Manager v3.0 -- NO DICE!
> Apologies for the well-worn theme on these boards, but the fact is that the
> Ericsson software can't find a 'connected phone' via Bluetooth on my PC with
> the above environment, even when I've established a connection with the
> phone via XTNDC BM. Yet the Siemens software that came with my wife's phone
> has no trouble at all finding and permitting me access to her S55 via BT on
> the same platform under the same circumstances.
> Bluetooth Serial port, as determined by XTNDC BM, is COM4. Phone Monitor is
> set to search on this same port, as per the advice given on many a post
> here.
> Interestingly, XTNDC BM shows Serial Connection as one of the (many)
> services available via the S55 when I request, yet a similar request of the
> T39 shows only Dial-up Networking and Generic Networking. This is surely
> significant?
> The Ericsson Phone Book program does seem to *try* to make a connection via
> COM4 (keep getting a pop-up from XTNDC BM saying something like 'An
> application is requesting a connection via COM4; which device would you like
> to connect with?' (and the T39's listed) -- but when I click OK, nothing
> happens -- just perpetual requests.
> Any pointers anyone, please? Seems like I'm there ... almost!
> TIA.
> Stu C

If your bluetooth is enabled on your T39, and your pins are the same,
you should be allowed to pair your devices. I think the problem could be
with your bluetooth stack on the pc. Perhaps you cant find your phone,
since your scanning period is too short. if you activate BT on your
wifes phone, can she see your phone (and vice versa)? It should help
with your problem elimination routine. As for the lack of services on
your T39...
well back in the days of developement those were the only standards that
were made final. since then a whole host of new profiles have become
Once windoze finds your BT device, you should see all the profiles it is
advertising. Now if your phone doesnt advertise a Serial Port, I doubt
if that phone program will work. Since all the commands send via BT from
those programs are just AT commands which are issued via the Serial port
(like the cables at the bottom of the phone). So no serial
AT commnands... no remote phone operation.

Bottom line... you at least have the best make of phone!

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