BA Baracus <[email protected]> wrote:

> If your bluetooth is enabled on your T39, and your pins are the same,
> you should be allowed to pair your devices.

Yes, I can, via the XTNDConnect Blue Manager software.

I can also send a file from the phone to the Blue Manager's inbox.

>I think the problem could be
> with your bluetooth stack on the pc. Perhaps you cant find your phone,
> since your scanning period is too short. if you activate BT on your
> wifes phone, can she see your phone (and vice versa)? It should help
> with your problem elimination routine.

Yes, thanks, I'll give that one a try.

>As for the lack of services on
> your T39...
> well back in the days of developement those were the only standards that
> were made final. since then a whole host of new profiles have become
> avaiable.
> Once windoze finds your BT device, you should see all the profiles it is
> advertising. Now if your phone doesnt advertise a Serial Port, I doubt
> if that phone program will work. Since all the commands send via BT from
> those programs are just AT commands which are issued via the Serial port
> (like the cables at the bottom of the phone). So no serial
> AT commnands... no remote phone operation.

Yes -- which is what I was assuming!

So I guess the question is, *why* don't I have a serial service for
the T39? Especially when the S55 shows one. It's as if there's
something lacking software-wise at the phone end ... is that a
reasonable assumption? But then again, other people here seem to have
successful used the T39m with the Ericsson Communications Suite via BT
.... so maybe not!

> Bottom line... you at least have the best make of phone!
> BA


Mind you, apart from the naff colour screen, I've been highly
impressed with what I've seen on the S55.

Thanks for your reply anyhow.

Stu C

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