phone book menu, contacts, have a 'send all' option.

as for synchronise, if you have bluetooth install on the computer, after
pairing the phone, you can synchorise with the default WAB (outlook
express), My bluetooth place, my device, right click on my PIM
synchoronisation and choose outlook express.

"Konrad Sittenberger" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> I just got my new T610 and was suprised that the CD with the PC software

tools did not contain any
> more a software like the phone book and text message manager from the

Ericsson Communications Suite
> which could be used for t39, r520m and t65 etc (last release was R6A02).
> I tested the phone book and text message manager V 2.0.157 with the t610

via bluetooth, in the phone
> book manager the synchronsisation does also start and it is also

terminated correctly, but then the
> display is showing no phonebook data. So I guess that the file format is

> So there seems to be only XTNDConnect V 4.9 remaining, but you have to use

> I also checked all downloads on website, but couldn't find any other

software like the the phone
> book and text message manager.
> Can anybody help to get the full phonebook from R520m into t600 without

using Outook and XTNDConnect?
> BR
> Konrad Sittenberger

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