I am having an interesting problem accessing my ATT GPRS account using my
Palm T3 in conjunction with my SE T68i phone. Up until last night everything
was working OK. Suddenly I was no longer able to access my GPRS account with
ATT. The phone showed absolutely no signal for data. This persisted and I
went to bed. When I got up this morning I now had a full signal for GPRS. I
was able to access mMode through the phone just fine. Attempts to connect
the Palm to the phone resulted in error messages like this one:

timeout. Could be bad
cable or faulty
Modem. (0x0305)

I used the Phone Link application on the Palm to reset the connection
settings with no success. I have tried every combination I know of to
connect with the phone via bluetooth. I was able to configure the Palm for
Ir and was able to connect using the Ir port. The interesting part is that I
can pair the phone using BT and I can send files, like pictures, to and from
the phone using BT just fine.

For some reason the phone doesn't want to accept a "modem" connection from
the Palm. I am curious to know what the configuration on the Palm should
look like? I found it odd that the Palm has both T68i and BT to Sony-E
T68i as choices in the Connection and Phone Preferences. Which one is the
preferred selection?

Any ideas or suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated.


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