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Konrad Sittenberger wrote:
> I just got my new T610 and was suprised that the CD with the PC software
> tools did not contain any more a software like the phone book and text
> message manager from the Ericsson Communications Suite which could be
> used for t39, r520m and t65 etc (last release was R6A02).
> I tested the phone book and text message manager V 2.0.157 with the t610
> via bluetooth, in the phone book manager the synchronsisation does also
> start and it is also terminated correctly, but then the display is
> showing no phonebook data. So I guess that the file format is different.
> So there seems to be only XTNDConnect V 4.9 remaining, but you have to
> use Outlook.
> I also checked all downloads on website, but couldn't find any other
> software like the the phone book and text message manager.
> Can anybody help to get the full phonebook from R520m into t600 without
> using Outook and XTNDConnect?
> BR
> Konrad Sittenberger



dont cook your phone book

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