We are glad to inform you that we just released the 2.0.2 version of
Oxygen Phone Manager II for Symbian OS phones

Changes in this version:
1. SonyEricsson P800 mobile phone support added.
2. "Send SMS" window added (see "SMS" -> "Send SMS" menu item).
3. "Birthday Center" in Phonebook window. Shows birthdays of all your
contacts and allows you not to miss the upcoming birthday.
4. New menu item under "Help" menu - "Request for resend the
registration key". Requests OPM2 Robot to resend your registration key.
5. New option: "Immediate reading and writing data if possible". Affects
file-based sections (Images and Ringtones) and allows all operations to be
performed on-the-fly.
6. Registration key file format changed. Please note, that now it
differs from Oxygen Phone Manager II for Nokia phones. If you haven't
received the new registration key for any reason, please use "Request for
resend the registration key" function.
7. Now all registered users having their licence expired are eligible to
register new phones instead of old ones for working with latest obtained
version of Oxygen Phone Manager II via Oxygen Registration Robot without
paying any fee. In other words, licence expiration no more affects procedure
of moving from one phone to another while new program versions won't be
available as before. Please note that registration/unregistration of the
phones for such users are avaialable only through Oxygen Registration Robot.
All e-mails to our support service with requests to add, change or delete a
phone registration will be deleted without processing.
8. Phonebook: Added optional fixed column containing numbers of
phonebook entries. Can be switched off with "Show entry number column"
checkbox in the Options window.
9. Phonebook: Clicking on a entry number column header selects/deselects
all visible contacts.
10. Phonebook: Resorting phonebook after adding new contact.
11. Phonebook: "Image" column size now can be changed from 50 to 300
12. VCard: Maximum length of "Combined address" fields now extended to
1000 symbols.
13. VCard: Pressing "Enter" on phone's list causes either adding new
entry (if the list is empty) or editing the current entry.
14. VCard: Phones' header labels are "active" now. Clicking them brings
up context popup menu.
15. Images: "Add Image" button now has popup menu to select image(s)
location (Phone memory/Flash card/Disk).
16. NSL (Nokia Startup Logo) image files now can be loaded.
17. Phonebook: Hiding "Duplicate numbers" window when opening VCard
window to prevent errors.
18. Disabling Phone Explorer(tm) while phone is being connected to
prevent errors.
19. Phonebook: Fixed bugs with Find and Replace.
20. Phonebook: minor display bugs fixed.
21. Phonebook: Fixed bug with cutting contact image displayed as hint.
22. Phonebook: Clearing link to contact's ringtone and big picture when
copying or moving contact to another mobile phone.
23. Some stability improvements.

Registered customers of Oxygen Phone Manager II for Nokia phones can
download the full Symbian version from the registered customers page. Oxygen
Phone Manager II for Symbian OS Phones requires requires the registration
key that differs from one for Oxygen Phone Manager II for Nokia phones. You
may request the appropriated key from the registered customers page.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Ordering Oxygen Phone Manager II licenses you receive the
registered versions of both products:
- Oxygen Phone Manager II for Nokia phones;
- Oxygen Phone Manager II for Symbian OS phones.
You can use both of them but total count of registered phones cannot
exceed your license's phones limitation.

Oxygen Phone Manager II for Symbian OS phones lets your PC and mobile
phone with Symbian OS communicate with each other. This version supports the
following phones: Nokia 3650, Nokia 7650, SonyEricsson P800.
Oxygen Phone Manager II for Symbian phones allows you to work with
Phonebook, Images, Melodies and send SMS messages. You can load your
phonebook from the phone, edit contacts either using vCard edit window or
directly in phonebook view, set individual contact picture and ringtone,
define Full Name format individually for each contact, pack contacts
database, import data from MS Outlook, WAB (Windows address book) and export
the phonebook back to MS Outlook, WAB, CSV and other popular formats. You
can browse the detailed information about your contacts using vCard window,
that can be called from Phonebook window by double-click.
Images browser allows you to manage the images stored in your phone
including Camera snapshots. You can download the images from your phone,
delete unwanted images and add new ones, save images to several file formats
and copy them to clipboard. Image browser allows you to preview image
thumbnails and view full image as hint by pointing mouse to the thumbnail.
Melodies and Sounds section allows you to view and listen the melodies
stored in your phone, add new melodies or delete unwanted ones.
Send SMS window allows you to send messages to individual persons as well
as to contact groups. You can select several levels of automatic text
shrinking when your message dowsn't fit into one SMS. You also can choose
between plain and Unicode SMS.
Oxygen Phone Manager for Symbian phones has the ability to store any data
either in Phone memory or at hard disk. It may be useful if you experience
lack of phone memory and do not want to lose your pictures, contacts, etc.
Oxygen Phone Manager II has unicode support.

The program works under Microsoft Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000,
Windows Server 2003 (Standard edition) and Windows XP operating systems

Want to get Oxygen Phone Manager II for FREE? Write the program review,
publish it somewhere (in Magazines, Newspapers or Internet) and send the URL
to [email protected]. Authors of best reviews will be awarded with free
Family license of Oxygen Phone Manager II.

For more details please refer to
http://www.opm-2.com/symbian or
http://www.oxygensoftware.com or

Best regards, Oxygen Software.
Oxygen Phone Manager II - all you want from your Nokia.
[email protected]

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