Hi, everybody,

I am currently in the process of including mms-support into the little
photo moblogging-software I have written.
As I do not have an mms-capable phone myself, I had someone else send
me an mms from his T610 to my eMail-account (because that's the place
where the blog picks up all messages).
However, all that arrives is an empty mail with just an attachment of
type ".smil", in which the body and the image are referenced like
<smil><head><layout><root-layout background-color="#FFFFFF"
backgroundColor="#FFFFFF" height="240px" width="160px"/>
<region id="Image" top="0" left="0" height="50%" width="100%"
<region id="Text" top="50%" left="0" height="50%" width="100%"
<body><par dur="2000ms"><img src="mms-test.jpg" region="Image"></img>
<text src="mms.txt" region="Text"><param name="foreground-color"

How do I access the body and the image of this mms? And can I at all,
or did the sender do something wrong? Does he have to use an
mms/eMail-Gateway? Specific settings?

Thanks in advance for any tips!

So long


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