It's the t68i all over again. I really hope not.... I picked up my new
SE Z600 yesterday here in Melbourne Australia ( the courier from the
SE warehouse had just dropped them off about 30 minutes before me
walking in Anyway.... The phone is fantastic, the look, size, shape
and the screen rocks, coming from the T610 the screen is a huge
improvement. But this is where I'm a little scared. After a full
charge and keep in mind I've only had it on for a little while, the
reception is so jumpy the bars go up and down and up and down, very
similar to the T68i which sucked so much I couldn't wait to get ride
of it. So I hope even with the jumpy bars it can hold a call, I'll let
you know in a few days. But so far loving it. And my partner is happy
she has got the t610 now and we can finally get ride of the t68i :-)

Let me know how your Z600 RF is like?
SW: R2F002


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