Was reading up the Nokia vs. SE survey in UCSE:
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I was struck by a few comments concerning the T610's mediocre RF
performance which I have to agree with.

A recent 7hr UK train journey brought home how bad it is - mine more
often than not, showed No Network or if lucky, SOS calls only (Voda)
where dozens of phones around me seemed to have no problems making,
receiving & hanging onto calls. OK, this is hardly a scientific
observation & RF performance isn't quite that simple to evaluate & has
to take 4 networks into account; the ability to hang on to calls etc but
my love of SE phones & dislike of Nokias has been revaluated after that

One poster rightly stated that the phone's major role is to make &
receive calls & how good the display, UI, BT etc is basically rather
secondary. One guy from Holland stated that he didn't notice any poor
performance but here in the UK, most of the country has many marginal
areas & is hardly mountainous. I'd put RF performance at the top of my
list although many reviews barely mention it. One review of the Z600
stated that the RF was noticeably better than the T610 - lets hope the
same applies to the T630.

Another poster mentioned the new Nokia 6230:
Looks good on paper & marginally less ugly than most of their phones has
EDGE - also takes MMC cards, SE take note.

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