I'm wondering if anybody else has encountered this problem, or has any
thoughts on the matter...

I have a Motorola T720i connected to my computer. I've been leaving it
connected to GPRS on T-Mobile 24/7. However, it's been having strange
problems. GPRS is still connected, but data just stops working. When I
try using the phone's built in browser, I get a single page with "33"
displayed. If I enter a manual URL, it's the same - a page with no
content other than "33". If I power cycle the phone, it come straight
back up with no problems. It usually then works again for 12 to 24
hours, although one time the problem recurred within 10 minutes.

On my Ericsson P800, I don't have this problem at least with the
built-in applications. It checks email every 15 minutes, 24/7, and it
rarely has any trouble. Maybe once a week at most - but it also kernel
panics that often.

I'm interested in more reliablity. Does anybody here have experience
with more reliable devices? Should I just open my phone up and wire in
a reset switch?



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