Interesting. I know we can get billed by PC Connection, but when I searched
their website, they didn't have a P800. Did I miss it, or are you saying
they can special-order it maybe?


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> You might be working this backwards. Better the purchasing manager at your
> academic institution which electronics companies they have relationships
> with, and go from there. Chances are they already deal with people like CDW
> or PC Connection etc.
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>> I need to buy a Sony/Ericsson P800 or P900 phone/PDA device. I am doing it
>> through work, and want to pay with a purchase order number. Does anyone

> know
>> of a company who can do this (and bill my academic institution) rather

> than
>> needing a credit card number? If so, please cc: replies to
>> [email protected]. Thanks!
>> --
>> Mike Levin
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Mike Levin
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