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    Thank you for looking at my auction. As promised, the
    information below comes at no cost to you. I have one
    simple request in return for providing this info for
    free, which is detailed at the bottom of this email.

    In order to obtain a NEW UNLOCKED Sony Ericsson P800, Z600 or T615 for
    $35, please proceed to either of the links below: (in North America) (Europe)

    Both are operated by the same company. To get a better
    idea of how successful this system has been, refer to
    the European version of the site, which has been
    established for a longer time period.

    There are no scams, MLMs, or pyramid schemes involved.
    It is a simple matrix.

    Please read the FAQ and "how it works" sections
    carefully, proceed to the order section and pick the
    P800, Z600 or T615 from the drop-down menu. For the North America
    site, you will need PayPal to complete the

    In return for providing this information free of cost,
    I ask that you put my email address under the referral
    section. The email address to list is
    "[email protected]"

    Please note that referrals are NOT necessary to get
    your new P800, Z600 or T615. You are guaranteed to receive your new
    P800, Z600 or T615 when you reach the top of the "HotList".
    Referrals only expedite the process for those already
    on the "HotList". Feel free to pass this information
    on to as many people as you like. The more people you
    include, the faster the phone will get to you!

    Thanks & Happy Holidays!

    Referral Email: [email protected]
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    From: <[email protected]>
    To: <[email protected]>
    Sent: Sunday, December 28, 2003 3:16 PM
    Subject: Question for seller -- Item #3068490389

    > where can i get the p800 for 35?
    > --------------------
    > Question from: ivancorona
    > Title of item: UNLOCKED SONY ERICSSON P800, Z600 OR T610 $35
    > Seller: reid_rothchild
    > Starts: Dec-27-03 19:20:26 PST
    > Ends: Jan-03-04 19:20:26 PST
    > Price: Starts at $999.99
    > To view the item, go to:
    > Visit eBay, The World's Online Marketplace TM at

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    Re: FREEEE!!! Sony Ericsson P800


    E-Mail Addy obet(ng)qfy(qbg)cvcrk(qbg)pbz <---Rot13 it
    watch out for spam trap in header
    Trike Power the TRUE Trinity

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