I used to synchronize my SonyEricsson P80 with Lotus Notes at work and
Outlook 2000 at home.
This went fine for some time, but suddenly both at work and at home I get an
error 'Sync Failed' during

As I have some backups, i decided to do a MasterReset. After that I was able
to start the synchronization again,
so it appears that that can solve the problem. But of course I want to have
my data back. Especially my Contacts database
So I restored my last backup and hoped that everything will be fixed. Not.
After the restore I have the same error again.

Help. I really miss my Contacts and I don't know what to do.

I suspect that either the contacts database file or Agenda datafile has
become inconsistent, butof course I'm not sure.
Are there ways the perform a check on these files? Can they be recovered and
then restored? I know that the contacts database file is a system file that
is locked, but how to unlock it?


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