Unlock any phone from rogers or fido by unlock code
Nokia bb5: 6126 6133 6300 6085 ...
sony ericsson, k790 w810 w580 w580i (CID52) DB2020
LG shine tu720
motorola: k1 v3 v9 razr2 etc...
Blackberry Pearl 8100, Curve, 8800 etc
you simply send me your 15 digit IMEI number which you can obtain by
dialing *#06# and within 12 to 48 hours
i will have your unlock code ready

you can pay me in cash , paypal or email money transfer

i am located in dowtown or in Lachine
please call or text message me to confirm


my number 514-290-0000
if you get no answer leave me your number and name
i won't answer private or blocked calls

i could also remove mp3 ringtone restrction on must phones

i can also unlock the following phones from any gsm carrier on the spot
for 25$
sony ericsson, w300 w810, z520, k790, w600 w580etc
motorola, v3i v3, k1 krzr, w551, etc
Lg chocolate tg800 kg800
samsung c417 d606
nokia 6101, 6103 , 3100 etc
blackberry 7290, 7210
and many more

and for 40$
treo 680 and 650
Apple iphone 1.02 1.1.1 upgraded to 1.1.2

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