There's a whole assortment of electronic media gadgets available today.

They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and mediums. Whether you're into neon
green or animated characters, there's a look to satisfy just about every
individual whim and desire.

In addition to the color of the actual devices, you can further dress them
up with a whole variety of cases and skins.

The fall season is upon us and before you know it, the holiday shopping rush
will be in full swing.

Many of us remember the days when watching television, and talking on the
telephone meant that we couldn't leave the house. Experiencing great
sounding music also meant that you either had to stay at home or ride in a
car with a nice sound system.

Remember waiting a week for your film to be developed? How about those of us
who get chastised by our mates for being too stubborn to stop and ask for
directions when we're lost...

In the years since then, technology has vastly improved the quality of our
lives tenfold!

We're able to enjoy the experience of an in-home stereo system at our
fingertips (no matter where we are and what we're doing). Their accompanying
miniature headphone technology known as earbuds can deliver sound to our
ears that's incredible! In addition to music, many of these media players
offer video capabilities as well.

There also exist numerous legal sites and resources to download music,
music videos, movies, tv-shows, and ringtones, etc. (at a very reasonable

Digital Cameras and Camcorders are available to capture and record life
immediately as it happens. The convenience of compact size makes it possible
to take these along with us where ever we go.

Cellular phones provide us instant communication where ever we are.

Last but not least in this exciting world of Gadgets are Portable GPS
Systems. They are the perfect compass to navigate us through our busy and
fast paced lives.

Convenience and mobility have become synonymous in regards to what
technology has contributed to our lifestyles through the use of personal

Whether your passion is listening to music while cruising the bike trails,
catching up on a TV show or movie while taking a break on a park bench,
calling your love ones from out-and-about, capturing those precious moments
for posterity or finding the fastest route to your destination, there's
something affordable on the market for everyone.

To sum it up, today's pocket-technology provides us with instant
entertainment, communications, the ability to take pictures, videos and
navigation anytime and anywhere.

When choosing portable media gadgets, do you buy new or used? Which brand do
you go with? What configuration?

How about accessories?

There is so much out there to choose from. How does one go about becoming
informed on what exactly to buy?

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