Does anybody have a problem with Motorola V300 using DTMF ? I am using
T-Mobile service. I use a calling card (provided my employer) to call
international. I call 1-800 number and it starts giving me a long beep
during which I send DTMF (my pin number (~15) digits to authenticate).
It used to work perfectly with my samsung Cell phone (Sprint PCS). But
with Motorola V300 + T-mobile service, it doesn't seem to recognize
that it is connected (it shows connecting..message on the screen
instead of connected )to the 1-800 number even though I can hear long
beep and thus not showing DTMF option to send my pin.

T-Mobile customer service/tech support doesn't seem to know whats
going on and to my surprise most of them didn't know that they had a
feature like DTMF...

Anybody know how to configure or workaround this problem ?


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