A little background. I bought this phone 14 months ago. I researched
the phone beforehand and new that I wanted Verizon...so I was stuck
with the extending antenna. I almost didn't buy the phone, but the
saleswoman at the Verizon store assured me that they would replace it
for free. I even bought the insurance. 6 months later my antenna
broke when I pulled it out. I carry the phone in my pocket and I knew
it was getting weak. I brought the phone to a different Verizon store
(closer to work) and then told me that the I would have to pay $10 for
an antenna...THE SAME ANTENNA!!! They told me they had "heard" of
"other" Verizon salespeople giving away antennas...they assured me
this was never the policy. I asked if they'd made any design
improvements and they said NO. The new antenna pulled out very hard
and I thought I knew it would break again. I broke again today (8
months later). Well, after I stopped cursing, I started to play
around. The base was not broken, so I could still touch the metal.
Touching a paper clip to metal inside the base made the reception go
up to 4 bars.

So, I unscrewed the base which is probably stainless steel. I filled
it with 60/40 solder and inserted one end of a 3 inch piece of
insulated wire. Let cool, clean off. PRESTO!!! I now get a full 5
bars when I straighten the wire. (I used to get 4 in the same
room!!!)I can yank the phone out of my pocket by the wire and it seems
to be very durable.

No more defective $10 antennas for ME!!


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