I just bought some car phone, techincially not bag, stuff on eBay in
hopes that one of the components was the holy grail, a TDMA/AMPS unit.
You can see the auction for a few months at:

(An aside, I sniped this with seven seconds to go and would have won
this at half the price, but some guy came in at the exact last second
about a dollar until my snipe bid! Damn!)

It is my understanding that the large transceiver boxes are the
digital units. This auction also has an analog box, presumably, in
it. However, instead of the usual plain aluminum, it has a very fancy
black wrinkle finish with ribs on one side. The seller apparently was
a tad confused on this hardware, as it came with both the small
classic and the large alleged digital boxes, two wiring harnesses, one
handset harness, and only one handset.

The handset is SCN 2524A and has printing that says "Digital Network"
and "Cellular One by Motorola". Cellular One is a roaming partner
with AT&T in southern Colorado, and when I fire up this puppy and dial
611, it does connect to AT&T as Roam. (I'm NOT in southern Colorado,
I'm in the Denver area.)

But BUMMER! The handset says "Loaner." I tried my SCN2500 handset
and although it doesn't say "Loaner", it doesn't show signal strength
like it does when its on its home transceiver.

So, my questions are:

1. Does the large 2" thick with central antenna mount mean
digital/TDMA? Always? Sometimes? Never? This unit is Model Number
S1977A, Serial 781DPY1950Y

2. There's a sticker by the antenna with a bar code and AA514662 on
it. Is this the ESN?

3. What's up with the fancy case on the 1" thick presumed analog
unit? What were these made for?

Any and all factual knowledge greatly appreciated. Larry, are you out


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