Hi All,

I provide an unlocking service, which I will soon be opening and will
mainly, I believe, operate for customers here in Israel. What I would like
to do is also introduce to the market here a dual SIM, attachment for all

Correct me if I'm wrong, but, I'm assuming that in order for the phone to
receive dual SIM's, assuming they are from different networks, they need to
be unlocked. There is a difference between models such as Nokia 6100 and
Nokia 3300, as the 6100 has the battery behind the SIM and the 3300 and most
others by the side of the SIM, which I believe offers more space in the
model to add the dual SIM. I don't want to market the 2 different styles,
and believe that the 6100 version would work on the others as well, am I
right? What phones support dual SIM - all GSM? or is there a limitation? how
do you switch accessing each of the SIMs? does it automatically accept calls
from both? If not, then this is a major drawback and probably one of the
main reasons some people don't have them, normally when you own 2 phones it
is too receive calls simultaneously on both lines.

Who makes the dual sims and housings? What are the bulk price ranges?

If anybody could answer me off-list it really would appreciated.


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