Good afternoon,

I've been attempting to educate myself on the details of my newest
phone, a Motorola T731c from Qwest (Verizon?). Part of this education
is coming from the site, however, there is a degree
of pre-assumption that is made that well, you know what you're doing.
Along with the purchase of my phone, I also got the USB connector. I
had hoped that was the exact tool I'd need in order to get the
backgrounds and midi/polytones I wanted. Qwest isn't exactly on the
forefront of on-demand d/l for your phone these days, and as a matter
of fact the BREW shop option isn't even working, I assume, on Qwest's
So what I have here is a very highly priced appointment calender/phone
book/wireless phone. I know there is more to it than that, and that's
what brings me to my first question: Is there a sequence or option
that will "unlock" the phone for me to use the USB more freely, i.e.,
send ringtones to and from my phone to PC?

The second thing, and what's been holding me up for a while:

The T720 and T720i differ in what ways from the T730 and T731(c)?
There seems to be no end to the amount of direct support for the T720
family, am I correct to assume it will and is interchangeable with my
T731c? The firmware, I understand, is only marginally different and
even if this was the case, the T731 can perform in a pseudo-backwards
capability if I was to run an app or d/l the Motorola software for the

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