OS: XP/Pro (Sp1)
Outlook 2002 (Office XP)
RAM: 1024
Phone: V400 - Cingular
USB connection
BRVP Tools 2.20


Installation goes without a hitch, phone connects, I can move photos,
ringtones, SMS, EMAIL, and retrieve technical details from the phone. I can
also send/receive SMS, connect to the internet, etc., etc. I maintain my
contacts in a separate Outlok folder so not all 1900 entries get moved to
the phone.


Whenever I select the "PHONEBOOK" option on the BVRP tools, the phonebook
tool briefly flashes on the screen, then disappears. If I mouse over the
system tray where the icon appears, the icon disappears, It's not being
hidden, it just disappears. When viewing the TASK MANAGER, it still shows
an active entry in the processes, but nothing is active on the desktop.


Uninstalled, cleaned registry, reinstalled the base level 1.19 version,
everything work okay and the phone book appeared, but an error was generated
during syncronization, upgraded to 1.9a -- same problem. Upgraded to 2.20
(current version) and the disappearing act began.


If anyone has any ideas I'd apprciate it, since right now I'm using TrueSync
to sync the directory entries, and BVRP's tools to move photos, wallpaper,
and ringtones. I'd rather have on reliable tool that does it all.

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