This phone thing does really really work,

I recieved my first phone about 2 weeks ago, this will still cost you about $40 dollars US to sign up. When you do sign up, make sure you use the refferal ID: 496. The reason i'm doing this is because to many people are wasting money not reading the item
description, and I would like to get my second phone alot qicker because this takes some time

How does it work?
It's simple. When you buy a Mega CD for £20 or $40 US you will enter yourself into the waiting list to receive the free gift of your choice.

When that list fills up, the free gift will be sent out to the person in the top position. This person then moves from the top position and the next person in the list takes the top position. Now this new person waits for his list to fill up.

OK but what happens when the list gets massive?
We want as many people to benefit from the free gift system so we will split the list once it gets too big. When this happens everyone will halve their waiting time!

Can I move up the list?
Yes, and we encourage you to do so! By earning referral credits you can leapfrog the person above you in the list. If you register on more than one list, you can even gain referral credits by referring yourself!