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    I just bought this phone today and transfered a few MP3s over (trimmed them
    first) to the cell, but the volume is awfully low. I downloaded a program
    which lets you adjust the volume but it just distorts it. Why is it that
    midi files play super loud but MP3s are so low? Can anyone reccomend a good
    program for fixing the volume? I've been using mpTrim, but it just distorts
    it too much.


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    Re: MPx220: MP3 Ringtone Volume Too Low

    How did you get the phone to recognize an MP3 as available for a

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    I had same problem. Found free software called Audacity, did the trick. Also, a file called lame_enc.dll will convert to MP3. Phone did hot have any problem recognizing MP3.

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    Re: MPx220: MP3 Ringtone Volume Too Low

    I used audacity to create my mp3 file, and my phone just refuses to see
    it as an available 'sound'

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