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    > Try Windows Dial-Up Networking.

    Thanks for your reply. I can see through Windows dial up networking
    settings that the phone is there, it appears as a modem, and even
    responds to the inquiry commands sent by Windows modem diagnostics.

    The problem is that it won't connect to anything.

    I read your website as suggested, but I get a variety of errors at the
    point where it dials into the network, and I don't get any response from
    any websites. Something is not working but I don't know what it is.

    I was on hold for almost three hours today, and one Cingular rep.
    insisted that I needed a "data" plan, and that media works isn't one.
    The other rep contradicted this, but it's all moot until it's been made
    to work!! Cingular has previously said that they only support laptops
    with the PC card style of connection. It's frustrating because neither
    Cingular nor Motorola (the representatives they'll let me talk to) know
    how to make the phone connect to the internet via a laptop, although the
    advertising says it does.

    If anybody knows how to troubleshoot this problem, it would be great, as
    not being able to connect to the internet while mobile is a limitation
    to both myself and my associate.


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    Re: Motorola V551 USB and Cingular Connection Manager or other cable

    > Is WAP working from the phone? How about CSD?

    The phone's browser works fine. I can read my yahoo mail and download
    ringtones, some for free. When I run Cingular Connection Manager,
    reports it's connected via both Edge, and CSD. From reading your faq's,
    I don't think this is possible...I thought CSD was the connection that
    used my minutes. With my intended usage level, using my minutes will be
    a costly solution.

    I get error 77 in my present configuration.

    > Then your account is probably not provisioned properly.

    Can you explain what "provisioned" means so that a retired System/360
    assembly language programmer can understand?

    Peace, Ron!

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    Re: Motorola V551 USB and Cingular Connection Manager or other cable

    > Don't use Cingular Connection Manager -- all you need is Windows Dial-Up
    > Networking.

    Connection Manager won't work unless you open a data plan, says Cingular.

    Obviously, I need something else. Windows dial-up is installed and
    working, but, nothing makes it connect successfully. Motorola doesn't
    know what to setup for Cingular service, and they stopped helping me
    when the phone is seen by windows dialup.

    Cingular says that the phone will not provide internet service. This
    was a level-2 technician.

    I believe them. It doesn't connect.

    I'm now shopping for a PC card type of connection which has service in
    my area. And more importantly, one that's supported by who sells it to
    me. I'm sick of being teathered to the coffee places where they have
    the WiFi. But I don't need WiFi if I am connected wireless, so I guess
    I can just switch the cards depending on whether there's WiFi or not.

    Suggestions are appreciated.

    Peace, Ron!

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    Re: Motorola V551 USB and Cingular Connection Manager or other cable

    >>Suggestions are appreciated.

    > Get the V551 working. I explain how to do that at
    > <>.

    Thanks. I followed all the steps, excepting the parts that refer to
    other telephone handsets' drivers.

    It doesn't connect. Error 77. The PPP session has been terminated.

    I decided to exercise my 30-day option, return the phone handset to
    Cingular, and look for another brand, and possibly another service
    provider. I insist on manufacturer and carrier support for anything
    else I buy. This practice of trying to get cull information from other
    users who are not paid to support me is for the birds! I got what I paid

    Peace to all, Ron!

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