I just took delivery of an '05 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the UConnect
feature. Basically, it's a handsfree speakerphone integrated with the
audio system that bonds itself to up to 5 different Bluetooth enabled
phones. When you setup a phone you assign it a priority so if more than
one registered phone is in the car only one will be active through the
system. The cool thing is that it's completely seamless.
I keep my phone in my pocket and when I get in the car the Bluetooth
connection is automatically established without my having to do anything
at all. When the phone rings the audio system lowers and I just touch a
button on the mirror to answer while my phone is still sitting in my
pocket. To make a call I touch the button and tell the system who to
call. It even lets me transfer a call back to my phone so I can leave
the car without interrupting the call.
The only disadvantage is that battery life suffers so a car cord is
worthwhile to have onboard.
More at http://www.wkjeeps.com/wk_uconnect.htm

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