First: What do you think of the V180?
I've had Nokia's until now. I still have time to switch. I spent quite a
while playing with the V180 last night and while the menus are different I
really don't have any problems using this phone. I like it a lot so far. My
only real problem is I have spare home & car chargers for Nokias. If I stick
to the Motorola I'll have to buy some new ones. (It's convienient to have
spares/extras at work, in travel bag, etc.)

There is an option (Settings > Phone Status > My Phone Number). It has my
phone number in spot #1 and then has 3 empty spots. What are these other
spots for? Can the phone be setup to use multiple phone numbers??

The phone talks about the SIM having a PIN and PIN2 code. Why does a SIM
have two codes / what is the difference between them?


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