Some of my contacts from Outlook 2002 have entries like this:
+44 (20) 12345678
and some have:

How can I make *all* my contacts on my A1000 have the telephone numbers
in this format:
where *cc* is country code
*ac* is area code
and *nnnnnnn* is the telephone number.

I would like them in that format with the "+" at the front (int'l
format) and "-" seperating the numbers.
I *don't* won't any spaces or parentheses in the numbers. It seems when
I sync with the phone and Outlook, I get different entries - some with
space and parentheses and some with dashes.

Is there a utility that can format all the telephone (H and W), Fax,
Mobile numbers etc. in this one format? Being able to modify the
contacts on the phone and Outlook in this one format would be so

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