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    I'm new to these fancy phones.
    I'm on Cingular, Texas with a V551.
    How can I set up phone to send and receive email/w/pics.... The manual
    sucks... also the
    Does this service cost more than basic phone service???

    ... The manual sucks... also my manual says in oder to change ring
    tones to go Settings/Ring Styles/Styles
    I have no "RingStyles" selection
    My V551 is Settings/Audio/Style and LoadDetail..
    Are there other descrepancies like this???

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    You are so right!

    I just purchased the V551 and your right, the manual leaves a lot to the imagination! I did however find a lot of easy to understand directions on how to do things by using the "tutorials for the V551" on the att wireless website. Has pictures for each screen and directions. You need to go to and scroll down to the bottom center of the page. Click on "technical support" under the "AT&T Wireless Customers" section. On the next screen, look to far right and click on "tutorials" under the "help using my phone and features" and go from there. Hope this helps. I called 5 different people at AT&T and they didn't know squat. This has been a huge help to me!
    Good luck!

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