Hi everybody!

Using P2Kman I deleted several V220 ringtones but for any reason there
is no way to access to the ones I left. As I had a backup of all the
original ringtones in my PC, I restored them into the phone but still I
am unable to manage them (i.e. when trying to asign a ringtone to
either an incoming call, alarm, etc..). Only 6 ringtones appear.
However when looking into "Multimedia-Sound" all the ringtones are
there and can be reproduced!

I´ve tried to change the ringtones attribute to "4", delete
MyToneDB.db / TempToneDB.db and restart the phone but didn't work.

Could anyone please help me in getting the original ringtones
configuration back? (as I said I have a backup of all
ringtones and MyToneDB.db / TempToneDB.db)

Thanks in advance.

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