> Bingo, thanks! I changed the NAM...MIN from what it was to a new number

> it said fine, no problem, but when I turned the phone on again it

> displayed the old number as 'My Number'. Much cryptic stuff in there,

> should I look for?
> I'm playing on a spare phone, incidentally. If I foul it up there's less
> damage done than if I were doing it to my real phone.
> Know how to get rid of the annoying little tune that plays when you turn

it on
> or off? Pushing the volume buttons doesn't do anything.
> --
> Cheers,
> Bev


That number is not the "old" number of the previous owner of the phone. That
is the number that is used to "find" the phone and make it ring in this day
and age of number portability. You have your dialable number (MDN) and what
is referred to as the MIN. The MIN is what you are seeing as your number. Do
what I did. Go into the programming again ( Menu 073887*, security code
000000, never change this) and make sure that you do not change the MIN,
leave it alone or your phone will not ring or even work. Make the MDN
(mobile dialable number) your number (this is why you saw that other number
as your number as it was blank).

See More: Motorola V60t, can't change "My Number"