Hi everyone --

To anyone who is contemplating creating your own tunes, or using
downloaded mp3's, then trimming and enhancing them, to put them on
your Motorola phone --

OR --

Making your own wallpapers or finding pictures on the web, and putting
them on your phone

then you have two choices that I have found (but I am new to this):

Download things from your PC to mobstorage.com, and they will let you
retreive stuff via phone, for Free!! I did it with great sucess.

OR --
I bought Mobile Phone Tools and a cable from e-bay for about $15.
MPT is a prissy pain in the butt to load, and then took forever to
update. I've seem high school computer-lab products more intuitative
and easier to work with.

Then I had to force the program to use the correct phone (modem)
because it wouldn't identify my V220 on its own.

Once it discovered my phone things moved along ok.

The other dificulty is that it takes a few minutes to open the
program, and it takes a few minutes to rewrite its info when you

I am using a Windows 98se with an AMD 1133 processor and 256 RAM

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