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How are you doing.Nice to meet here.We are a leader of mobile phone
Accessories exporter from china.We main supply Oem housing,Lcd,Data
Cable,battery,Antenna,keypad,charger,car charger,Hand free,case,speaker,
Flex cable,for Motorola,Samsung,Lg,Nextel,Nokia,Kyocera,Sanyo,Sony etc..

Motorola V300 LCD, Motorola V300 Oem Housing.
Motorola V400 LCD, Motorola V400 Oem Housing.
Motorola V500 LCD, Motorola V500 Oem Housing.
Motorola V600 LCD with flip, Motorola V600 Oem housing.
Motorola V60 LCD, Motorola V60 Oem Housing.
Motorola V60i LCD with flip, Motorola V60i Oem housing.
Motorola V220 LCD, Motorola V220 Oem housing.
Motorola V180 LCD, Motorola V180 Oem Housing.
Motorola V3 LCD,Motorola V3 Oem housing.
Motorola T720 LCD,Motorola T720 Oem Housing.
Motorola T730 LCD,Motorola T730 Oem housing.
Motorola T720G LCD,Motorola T720G Oem Housing.
Motorola T720C LCD,Motorola T720C Oem housing.
Motorola V551 LCD,Motorola V551 Oem Housing..
Motorola V8088 Lcd, Motorola V8088 Oem housing,
Motorola V51 Lcd, Motorola V51 Oem Housing,
Motorola V66 Lcd, Motorola V66 Oem housing.
Motorola V70 Lcd, Motorola V70 oem housing.
Motorola V80/V130 Lcd.Motorola V80/V130 housing.
Motorola Startac 7790 LCD,Motorola startac 7790 Oem Housing.
Motorola Startac 7868 LCD,Motorola startac 7868 Oem Housing.
Motorola V8160 Lcd, Motorola V8160 Oem housing.
Motorola V2260 Lcd, Motorola V2260 oem housing.
Motorola V2267 Lcd, Motorola V2267 oem housing.
Motorola T722 Lcd, Motorola T722 oem housing.
Motorola C350 Lcd, Motorola C350 oem housing.
Motorola C340 Lcd, Motorola C340 oem housing.
Motorola E380 Lcd, Motorola E380 oem housing.
Motorola E365 Lcd, Motorola E365 oem housing.
Motorola C550 Lcd, Motorola C550 oem housing.
Motorola C220 Lcd, Motorola C220 oem housing.
Motorola V120c Lcd,Motorola V120c oem housing.

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