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    For all the happy owners of V620,
    new Monsterpack R376_G_0E.67.02R is available
    sometimes lol you can find it in ...

    Before applying it,
    it will be necessary for you to safeguard all your parameters,
    because it is a major update which will erase all !

    Request: before any re-personalization of this mobile,
    I wondered whether somebody would agree to extract Flex from it(can use
    before putting it on line under name SE5119AXXU50C6.hs
    for the "Kamikaze" as me who would like to test it on their V525...

    Thank you by advance with the volunteer ;-) !


    See More: [V620] Flex from FW R376_G_0E.67.02R

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    Re: [V620] Flex from FW R376_G_0E.67.02R

    || ... you can find it in ...

    Today we can read in the forum :
    "Recently Motorola contacted my host regarding the flash files i had
    and they suggested that i take it down, so i did.
    I'm sorry for the unfortunate news..."

    Comme c'est dommage ;-)


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