Is anybody out there having problems with the ihf1000 car kit? My main

1) People I call occasionally complain of the low volume of my voice.
Talking louder doesn't seem to help, but changing the orientation of
where I set the phone might... almost like it is still partially using
the Mic on the mpx220.

2) People I call occasionally cannot hear some words. The entire word
gets cut out.. for example. "How --- are you doing?" -- No static,
nothing.. just dead blank spot. Mic is located drivers side, near the
windshield/drivers window on the side-wall, almost to the ceiling. Have
it oriented per instructions to face me from the front-side. I think
the word thing has something to do with the noise cancellation routine
on the device, but still very odd. Talking louder does not seem to help
at all and the same words get cut out each time you repeat! Very
frustrating. LOL

3) Does not seem to automatically connect with my mpx220 Smartphone.
(Have to manually tell it to connect to make calls) When a call is
received, it seems to connect and route the call properly, however.

Is anyone else having these experiences? Any thoughts, recommendations?


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