I just bought a Motorola c975 (3 UK edition) for overseas roaming. The
phone is unlocked. I had a couple of questions, I was hoping people could

Data PRogramming. The phone seems to use the standard data connector on the
bottom, but none of my Motorola programming tools (data pilot, Motorola
consumer level tools, or Moto PST programmer) seem to be able to work with
this. Is there a special data cable needed to work with this.

Roaming. The phone works great at 900mhz, 1800mhz, and 2100mhz, but seems
to work like a dog at 1900mhz. Is this just me or is there something wrong
with their implementation of 1900mhz.

UMTs Access in the USA. Will this phone work on the ATT UMTs network in the
US? I've heard mixed reports whether there actually is 1900mhz UMTs
contained in the unit. I note that the specs on 2100mhz UMTs seem to reach
far enough to actually hit the 1900mhz band and under network selection
there seems to be a 1900mhz selection. If so, is there a way to either get
an ATT SIM (standard 800/1900 GSM subscription) to work on it or whether any
other network has annoucned roaming with the ATT UMts network. I've tried
to access it a little, but with little sucess. I have Orange UK (contract),
02 UK (Mobal), CSL HK, and Riiing. I've not been able to detect the
network, but this model phone doesn't show blacklisted networks.

Are there any quadband GSM + UMTs solutions out there. Generally, this has
not been too much of an issue, but a one handset solution would be nice.


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