Just got a transflash-t (256) for my E815 and have a couple of questions.

I have my 815 hacked so I have access through MPT and/or my BT PC dongle. I
notice that if I take a new picture and store it on my flash card, when I
open my BT Places and I see the folder "MMC (Removeable)" where the picture
resides but I can't copy it from there to any place on my PC. Am I doing
something wrong or is it set to be that way?

I haven't fooled with it much but I am also assuming that I can't transfer
pics stored on the flash card and move them to the phone memory either
through the phone?

Last question is if I get a transflash card reader for my PC and view the
contents on it that way would I be able to copy the pics to my PC this way?

As always, thanks in advance for any replies!

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