Q: Where can I get USB modem drivers for Motorola cell phones?

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>If you are trying to get your Motorola phone to look like a modem. The
>following information from, BRVP's (of Mobile PhoneTools fame) may be of
>Trouble installing or updating Motorola USB Modem drivers
>Motorola phones use the built-in Windows USB modem driver (usbser.sys) for
>communication with MPT. The USBMOT2000.INF driver file (which comes with
>MPT) lists the USB product IDs for Motorola phones and instructs Windows to
>use the usbser.sys file with them.
>Unfortunately, the drivers may not be installed correctly for the phone in
>any of these situations:
>- The phone was plugged in before installing MPT and the user cancelled out
>of the hardware wizard.
>- The user had an old version of MPT (and thus an old version of the driver
>file) that did not contain the product ID for a very new phone (for example,
>the E815). And, even after LiveUpdating to the latest version of MPT, the
>new driver file is not installed.
>Recently, BVRP posted a driver installation tool on their website, developed
>by Motorola, that will remove all instances of the old drivers and any
>traces of previously installed phones. It will then install the latest
>drivers and reinstall the phone, solving any issues. The driver tool is at
>this location:

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