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>I have a new phone. I thought it was a Razr V3xx, google detects it
>as a V3xv. Not sure if that matters...
>The issue is that everytime I try to open an email within the Gmail
>App, or scroll/zoom/change info on the Google Maps application, I am
>asked if I want to allow network access. My options?:
>-Yes, ask everytime
>-No, ask later
>-No, never ask again
>Where is my "Yes- never ask again" -- how can this be set! It's a
>huge waste of time to have to keep accepting access to the network for
>Any ideas? I've spent the last hour scouring the internet- and either
>can't find anything worth while, or just more people asking the same
>question with no answers at all.

See the Motorola Wiki below.

Best regards, MOTOROLA WIKI:
John Navas <http://cell.wikia.com/wiki/Motorola>

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