You can use the multimedia and all other functions with the V9m, you
just have to tell MPT that you are using the V9mm. (not the single"m")
In the software with the graphic of the phone on your desktop, click
the center button and go to SETUP-GENERAL SETUP. Click on the
communication tab and click change modem which opens the configuration
wizard. Click next then select standard modem and next again. Check
mark the box that says "do not automatically detect the driver" and
then click next. Select Motorola CDMA in the left pane and then scroll
down to V9mm in the right pane and select it. Don't select the V9m, it
won't let you use the multimedia if you do. Click finish. You should
now have access to all functions and send pics, ringtones, etc. to and
from the phone. Worked for me!

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