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>I've been doing this for a long time, but don't recall seeing it
>mentioned anywhere, so I thought I'd share it with the group. It's
>one of the handiest Java Apps that I find absolutely priceless. It's
>available for free on getjar.com but it's best to get it from the
>author's website so you can follow his directions for proper
>installation.It's Mobile Library from http://chunture.com/en.aspx .
>The ability to use your Cell as a small HD For any filetype storage
>isn't even mentioned but I find it the best part of the App. Sure
>beats carrying a USB stick around for the odd files that you need to
>have with you. No connection with Mobile Library...just a satisfied

No app is needed with a memory card.

Change Settings -> Connection -> USB Settings -> Default Connection to
"Memory Card", connect with a USB cable, and your computer should see
the phone's memory card as a drive that you can use like any other USB
drive. (You need to change the setting back to "Data Connection" to use
the phone as a tethered modem.)

The phone uses the "mobile" root directory for its files, so create
different root directories for other materials.

By using the same card in both my digital camera and my V3xx I am able
to transfer pictures from my digital camera over cellular data
connections without having to use a computer.

John Navas <http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Cingular_Wireless_FAQ>

See More: Use your Moto V3xx as a HD for storing any File type.