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>>>>>> Is there a "one-button" no-ring solution for the V3 RAZR? By
>>>>>> that I mean one button you can click on that will permit the
>>>>>> phone to ring only for entries in the phone book?
>>>>> Settings/Security/Restrict Calls/Incoming Calls/Allow Contacts
>>> I only have the "Allow All" option. Do I need to flash my V3 to
>>> get the "Allow Contacts" option?

>> No, that's what you should see. Select "Change" and you'll be
>> given a list of "All", "None" or "Contacts".

> That worked. Thanks for the correction.

I'm glad it worked, you can test by calling your cell from a phone
that's not in your contacts, you should hear a ring back maybe 4 times
and then it should go to voice mail. Then call again from a phone that
IS in your contacts, it should ring and you can talk to yourself but
people will wonder about you. <G>

It pays to poke around, one thing I've found about almost every phone
on almost every carrier, the manual provided is almost worthless.

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