stu ...knowing how your menu is set up is hard since there are lots of variations ...however...coupla ideas

go to or ebay and buy a new or refurb screen

get some torx drivers there and an opening tool ...also cheap

go to to get a picture guide to do it...

put in the screen (even I can do it in about 10 minutes careful to follow directions and don't drop the pieces in the shag carpet !!)

get motorola backup utility off the wap browser (free ap backs up your stuff on the motorola server)...

back it all up...

put that app on the new fone...

restore the stuff ...

now you have a backup of the fone and even another fone... NOW THAT'S A BACKUP !!

oh yeah... don't step on your wife's fone !!

oh yeah, on howardforums and motomodders there are p2k apps that may see your fone and let you pull off the data ...they're free and may help you too!!

in particular!

go to this:

download p2ktools

open it

plug in your busted phone

change to AT mode in p2k tools

open phonebook

copy it to your computer via usb cable or via bluetooth connection ...whatever you have

you're in business ...use p2ktools to put that all on the new fone...

in gratitude if that helps you out, send me the old fone for parting out...

[email protected]

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