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    John Navas

    A: This is caused by the wrong cable or connection.

    The problem is that not all Mini-B USB cables and connections are the
    same -- some are 5-connection and some are 4-connection.
    The reason is that Standard-A USB has only 4 connections, whereas Mini-B
    USB has 5 connections, the extra connection being the device ID pin.
    Some Mini-B USB cables omit the 5th connection.
    Only 5-connection will work properly for Motorola charging (without a
    Motorola USB driver). A correct cable or connection is what's needed.


    Q: Why is charging of Motorola phones so slow on the travel charger?

    A: The standard travel charger packaged by Motorola with many current
    phones puts out insufficient power for fastest possible charging and for
    continuous use while charging.
    For example, charger SSW-0509 for the V551 puts out only 375 mA. The
    V551 detects this as a slow charger, and thus keeps the external display
    backlight off during charging. Worse, there's not enough current to
    keep up with use of the phone while charging, so while the phone is use,
    the battery will still be discharged even with the phone on the charger.
    With a fast charger the external display backlight is on during
    charging, and the phone can be used while the battery is charging.

    Motorola makes fast 1500 mA chargers that are compatible with these phones:
    * SPN4716* (where * might be "B" or "C"), also known as
    * NNTN4250 (nominally for Nextel, but also works with non-Nextel phones).
    These chargers are readily available from dealers and on eBay for under
    $15 (plus shipping).
    Motorola mini USB (EMU) chargers for RAZR, KRZR (with power output if known):
    * Wall "travel" (AC) charger (comes with the phone)
    + Motorola SPN5185/SPN5185A/SPN5185B/98604H: 550 mA (mid)
    + Motorola SPN5202/98605: 850 mA (fast)
    * Car (12V) charger
    + Motorola SYN1630/SYN0847/98603H/VC700
    * External rechargeable battery/charger
    + Motorola SPN5353/P790/98782H
    * (5 pin) mini USB cable to computer: 500 mA
    + Motorola SKN6371C
    (For what it's worth, Motorola probably saves less than $1 in cost by
    packaging slower chargers instead of fast chargers with its phones.)


    Q: Where can I get USB modem drivers for Motorola cell phones?

    A: <>
    [registration required, but free]

    1. UNinstall any existing driver in Device Manager before installing this

    2. Install this driver _before_ connecting cell phone.

    See More: Motorola cell phones mini FAQ

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    George Kerby

    Re: Motorola cell phones mini FAQ

    On 2/23/09 9:56 AM, in article
    [email protected], "John Navas"
    <[email protected]> wrote:

    > dumbass?

    A: Yes. You define the word.

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    Mr. Strat

    Re: Motorola cell phones mini FAQ

    In article <C5C86876.22B26%[email protected]>, George Kerby
    <[email protected]> wrote:

    > On 2/23/09 9:56 AM, in article
    > [email protected], "John Navas"
    > <[email protected]> wrote:
    > > dumbass?

    > A: Yes. You define the word.

    He's so retarded that he doesn't even know his moronic post is cut off.

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