i'm in canada , and when i go to send an e-mail (not text msg)
i type in the email addy such as [email protected]
or to a reg e-mail account , [email protected]

after i type in my address i want to send it to i then type my m,sg and hit
send then the phone asks me for a mail server what is going on with that ?
my c333 never did that , anyways i have to enter +0000000000 then hit ok and
it sends the msg, i have found a way to store that # into the phone so when
i hit to send the msg it in already there i just have to hit ok , but is
this how it should work ? i have never seen this b4 on any other phones i
called rogers 4 times and as well as nokia , nokia told me rogers dont
support the mail server or something however when i told nokia it worked
fine on my c333 motorola phone , they said thats because the phone supports
it and you can put in you smtp server info , but i never added that info to
my phone , any wyas is there any way to get around haveing to see that
screen that says mail server when i send an e-mail msg.

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