I was downloading a new "pak" of questions for jeopardy last night, and
after it was only about 3 seconds into its download, it froze. I left my
phone for a little, and came back - but all to no avail. Figuring it was
nothing more than a regular freeze, I unplugged the T720 and took out the
battery for a minute. Then I stuck the battery back in and started her up...
it takes much longer to start up now, the outside display will tell me that
i have 0 voicemails when its first starting up, and there are some other
oddities (one being that I still can't download that pak).

What I'm wondering, is if my 7 month old phone needs a look at from Verizon
(whether or not they'd wanna look at it without some huge fee is another
question), or if I should just ignore these little problems. I wasn't sure
if these were a sign of things to come or not... Many thanks,

--> Kyle
--> http://forums.webspoof.net

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