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> > Hi, I have both a V60g and a v60ci, I also have the fm headset
> > model#SYN8609. I've tried to get them to work on both of the phone but

> there
> > both have the "fm" option in menu missing. I've call both telus/Rogers

> > they say I have to talk to Motorola about it, I call them and they say

> that
> > part is lock and I need to call my provider to have them "unlock" that
> > option in my cell phone.

> If the headset works the same way as mine on my P280, the RADIO button
> appears on one of the two softkeys as soon as I plug in the headset.
> Jim

Mine appears on the right soft key as soon as I plug it in on both my V60ig
and T720ig. It is possible you may need your software flashed in your phone
or the headset maybe a defect.

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