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    Moody Marco
    When I put the site addy into Wapsilon and navigate to the tone I want and
    click "Download this tone", Wapsilon gives me this error:

    "Wrong mime-type, I got audio/midi, but I want text/vnd.wap.wml."

    If I right click "Download this tone" and choose "Copy Shortcut", I'm
    copying this:


    Is I remove the ";f=1::" bit and paste the rest into
    IE or Opera, I get this error (presumably created by the web site):

    "ERROR: Only WAP enabled phones may access this page."

    I can access the site using a WAP Browser on my PC (like Klondike) but when
    I click "Download this tone" I get an "Unrecognised content" error. And
    Klondike, WinWAP, etc don't let you right-click and choose "Save Target As".

    The annoying thing is these ringtones are free - the site sayd just to go to
    their WAP site from your mobile and enter the tone ID, and thats it - this
    works, except I have a Motorola C350 which throws up a "403 Forbideen" error
    if the tone is more then 3KB (the site's help files explain this). Even
    more annoying is the fact that I *know* C350 can take tones more than 3KB
    cos I've sent them myself using a data (USB) cable - if I could get someway
    of downloading the tones from the above site as .mid files to my PC, I could
    then send them to my phone. Arrgghhh!

    See More: Help with ringtone site

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    Re: Help with ringtone site

    Well, I guess then that's that. But if you have a USB data cable why not
    use it? Just find the MIDI file and and download it to the phone.
    Shouldn't be to hard...

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