Hi all. I would appreciate your help with a story I am working on. I want to
find out "who is Mr/Mrs Average SMS User?" If you use SMS on your mobile
phone, please reply to this with your age, whether you are at
school/college/university/work/unemployed, and whether you consider yourself
a light, moderate, or heavy user of SMS. You can respond by replying to this
post in the newsgroup or by emailing me at sms(at)celosia.co.uk . I don't
want or need names or any other personal information, I'll delete all emails
once I've noted the 3 points mentioned above, and I won't spam you, sell
your email addy or anything nasty like that. Also if anyone knows of any
websites with this kind of information, the URLs would be appreciated too.

Thank you,


(if you see this in more than one newsgroup, please only reply once)

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