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>You can also put MAXIMUM capacity batteries from Nextel i85 models.
>There is no door for P280 to close over this battery, but you can get a
>letter case to fit nicely over the phone w/ battery - and nobody will
>know that you don't have a door. P280 holds the battery nicely with a
>notch, so it won't come out (like it would in Nextel i85 which has a huge
>battery door to cover over this MAXIMYM capacity battery, but not a
>good notch, which would hold the battery in place without the door.)
>This is what I am using in my P280 (I have 2 of these MAXIMUM capacity
>and 2 of high capacity ones):
>Maximum Capacity Battery
>Part#: NNTN4655A

The 280 battery cover for the high perf (7mm) battery has a black rubber
spacer glued to it. If that were removed, is it possible that it might
accommodate a thicker battery pack?

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