My T720c had a problem of intermittently freezing when inserted into
the installed car kit, so Verizon swapped it for a new one. In the
process, I was forced to loose the ringtones I had downloaded via Get
It Now. It was only two tones, and I'm getting a credit for them.

But, this has really pointed out to me a major deficiency in the phone.
Before I load anything else into it, I want to know if there is any way
I can load ringtones onto it from my own computer. I have the USB
cable for synching the phone book and/or turning it into a modem.

And let me state up front that I am not interested in cracks. Legal
software only, or how to use my own web space. Pointers to the
information is fine. I've already tried to google for this, but the
few valid hits I found were all cracks with no pointers to the
original, uncracked, software.

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